Commercial Asphalt Paving Services

Commercial Asphalt Paving Services

If you need seal coating, repair work, resurfacing or new construction for your parking lot, we’ll provide versatility and durability at an affordable price

Our Asphalt Paving Services include:

Your parking lot should be a safe, welcoming environment that conveys your attention to detail, concern for your visitors, and professionalism. However, you also want to use your funds wisely so that you get the greatest return on the money you invested in the construction of your parking lot. We pledge to execute an effective program to handle your parking lot maintenance, you can meet all these goals simultaneously.

Resurfacing or Overlaying Existing Asphalt Pavement – This service involves the use of milling or paving alternatives to pave over the existing parking lot surface. This saves both time and money, and produces great results for both large and small surface areas.

Removal and Replacement of Existing Asphalt – If the underlying structure and construction of your asphalt is faulty, this is the best option. We offer aggregate base inspection and grading, custom paving options, and drainage installation solution

Parking lot Maintenance and repair – Parking lot maintenance is crucial to the life span of your parking lot and maximizing your money.  It is a process of patching or repairing an area of pavement that is fractured or broken. we provide all forms of asphalt repair.

Surface patching – A neatly squared off patch that is placed in the pothole and on top of the surrounding pavements- and properly edge seal.

Mill patching – Using a mill machine to grind existing asphalt to proper depth and replacing it with hot asphalt. Compacting to maximum density & hot seal edges.

Full Depth Repair – Existing base, area will be dug out and re-stabilized if necessary and asphalt will be installed in lifts to meet the existing elevations. Compacting to maximum density & hot seal edges.

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