Are you a home owner looking for a paving contractor your can trust. Look no further, Legacy Paving has stuck to its roots, servicing thousands of driveways in the Cleveland and surrounding areas and will continue too. We take the time to listen to your goals and truly customize your asphalt solution.

“You want to use your funds wisely so that you get the greatest return on the money you have invested”

There are many options for residential asphalt paving and repair services. Our experienced estimators will provide you with the most cost effective option to do the job right.


Is the most cost effective option for repaving your driveway. Headers should always be discussed near garage, walk ways, road ways and aprons to ensure a smooth transition and proper water flow.

Areas that show MAJOR asphalt “deterioration” or loose asphalt, should also be milled or tour out. TAC is applied to ensure proper bondage of the new asphalt to the existing asphalt.

A asphalt leveling course at an average depth .5 installed if needed to impression areas to bring the driveway to grade. 2″ on top of that and compacted for maximum density.

Full Removal and replacement :

When pavement has reached its maximum life expectancy or base failure. Exciting surface will be removed and hauled away. Aggregate will be installed and fine graded to ensure proper subgrade and water drainage.

2 courses of asphalt must be installed. (2.5 inches) of base asphalt, also known as binder and compacted.

WHY MORE BINDER THAN TOP? Binder is your load bearing course. It has bigger stones in it to provider more strength.

(1.5 inches) of finish course asphalt and compacted for maximum density. EDGES must be hand tamped.

Asphalt Repairs:


Includes surface patching, Full depth repairs, saw cuts and patch, mill and patch, Seal coating and crack sealing.

Residential Services Include:

  • Repair of Driveways(Patching)
  • Excavate existing driveway & Install New
  • Driveway Overlays or Resurface
  • Custom Driveways (new construction)
  • Crack fill
  • Sealcoating
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