Sealcoating & Crack Fill

Sealcoating & Crack Fill

Sealcoating- or pavement sealing, is the process of applying a protective coating to asphalt-based pavements to provide a layer of protection from the elements: water, oils, salt, freezing cycles, wear & tear and U.V. damage.
Protect your investment- Seal-coating is a low-cost way to protect expensive asphalt pavement, and to improve the overall look of your property. It provides a barrier, minimizing the damage caused by:

  • Evaporation of solvents in the pavement. Sunlight, whitens and dries out the surface. As a result asphalt can become brittle and prone to cracking.

  • Water and ice entering cracks, which expand during freeze and thaw cycles.

How do you stop the sun and water from causing the early demise of your asphalt?

It’s simple, really. To ward off these harmful effects, it’s critical to protect your blacktop through PERIODIC ASPHALT SEALCOATING.

While some sealcoating companies recommend treating your pavement every other year, we suggest sealcoating asphalt 1 year after it’s first installed, to properly let the asphalt cure and then 3 to 5 years after that.

When done properly, this schedule of asphalt seal coating should be adequate for preserving the stability and strength of your blacktop surfaces. At Legacy Paving, our driveway sealers work carefully to clean, coat, and cure your pavement for thorough coverage and long-term durability. This helps to:

  • Prevent premature sun damage

  • Defend against cracking, fading, and deterioration

  • Weatherproof the surface for longer life

  • Avoid seepage and moisture damage

  • Cut costs by making your asphalt last

Asphalt Crack Repair:

Even the best laid asphalt is likely to crack at some point in time. In addition to normal wear and tear, the hot sun and freezing cycles is a common culprit. The good news is asphalt cracks are easy and affordable to repair. When a crack appears, you don’t need a new driveway or parking lot, you just need an experienced asphalt repair service.

The process of hot crack filling:

is where cracks are cleaned out with a heat lance and compressed air, or a router, then sealed with a commercial grade hot pour rubber crack sealant. A heavy-duty commercial grade rubberized sealer with sand aggregate is applied using brushes.

When done right, asphalt repair will extend the life of your driveway or parking lot. It ensures a safe and attractive surface for your family, visitors and customers.

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